Dane150I’ve been involved with 21 startups either as Founder, Co-Founder, CEO, Director, angel, or venture investor; in many of those 21, I filled several roles. And with my 21st startup, I attended Founders Space.

My attraction to Founders Space was the non-nonsense approach. This is not about spending months in a flexible environment hoping you adsorb some skills. It is an intense process preparing you for the real world of not only getting your investor pitch right, but being able to think different about your business, its application, and you as an entrepreneur.

Getting a meeting with an investor is hard. For most, getting the second meeting is impossible. Founders Space prepares you for the second meeting and beyond.

This program is indelibly with me and made me smarter and more agile. What Steve Hoffman and Naomi Kokubo have created is the boot camp of startup mechanics, vision, mission, and ambition. The drill instructor is Steve Austin. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this if you are invited.