David Melichar, Founder of OneSoft Connect (Czech Republic)

David MelicharI am proud that OneSoft Connect was selected and accepted as one of Founders Space’s startups. As a top accelerator, Founders Space carefully chooses its participants. We did not know that Founders Space was in the Top Ten Bay Area Accelerators. That fact has greatly heightened our pride.

I have thought that 17 years of my experience as a business consultant working for top-tier companies was enough, but I was wrong. There is always a lot more to learn, and the program here convinced us of this. We have learned, we have stimulated new ideas, and we have pivoted old ones during on-site intensive lessons, mentoring, coaching or pure feedback. I especially love more than 70 video lessons with Steve, which we have access to.

But, above all, is the opportunity to stay in the heart of Silicon Valley – to feel the spirit is something that is worth it. Being in such a vibrant environment always brings a lot of new ideas and inspirations. It can help to change your mindset and enables you to look at your product from a different perspective. To see your own pitches, presentation and the whole product from different angles helps to pivot, or at least reconsider, your strategy. These beliefs derive mainly from the outcomes from lessons with Scott Gray, Steve Austin … and from talks with captain Hoff.

You get immediate and honest feedback. Sometimes cruel (words you don’t want to hear), but genuine. And this is the real mirror. Every single word pushes you forward.

The value which cannot be accomplished “from home” can be done through networking in the bay area. Accelerator helped us to network in the Bay area ecosystem. If you want to be quickly introduced to the ecosystem, there is no faster way. You may never achieve it on your own.

Founders Space is an accelerator (I feel it more as an accelerator than incubator) in all aspects, and it is what creates the value of the service. It really accelerates companies, ideas, networking – all you need to ramp-up your business. Moreover, it has the perfect location – the proximity of Caltrain station makes it accessible both for commuters and those accommodated in San Francisco.

Captain Hoff leads his own ship well. In tandem with Naomi Kokubo, they skillfully maneuver in the waters of the Bay Area. It is incredible how fast Founders Space has developed itself as being on of the Top Ten Silicon Valley Accelerators.

It is one of selective clubs, and we are proud to be part of it.

David Melichar
Founder of OneSoft Connect

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