Orville Easterly, CEO of Medical Datasoft International (Sacramento)

OvervilleThe leadership of Medical Datasoft International (MDI) entered Founders Space Bootcamp as we were taking the next step in the launch of our computer-patient interview software www.MDInterview.com. We knew what we had but were not skilled in presenting it to investors.

Founders Space taught us to make our pitch in 90 seconds or less and to create a pitch deck which visually illustrated the value and use of our software. Nothing felt natural. It was like learning to swing a golf club. But Scott Grey and Steve Austin, master teachers, rose to the challenge and instructed, challenged and inspired us to rethink our pitch and present it succinctly.

Scott Grey recognized that my co-founder and I needed someone on two attention in order to learn to say more in less time and coached us in redoing our pitch deck and reframing our headline. Both of which improved our presentation and our ability to hold the interest of investors.

Captain Hoff’s online videos are a regular part of our doing business and are retained in a special folder for easy reference. The wisdom and experience contained in the videos are vital in doing business with greater knowledge and fewer mistakes.

The location of the bootcamp was an asset because we commuted in from Sacramento, CA. Other than the normal traffic of San Francisco, it was easy to get in and get out.

We continue to enjoy the interest and friendship of the faculty and staff of Founders Space.

Orville Easterly
CEO of Medical Datasoft International
Sacramento, California

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