henry150Joining Founders Space was an invaluable experience for me. Not only did I learn a lot from the many resource materials and lessons, I was also immediately immersed in the local network of mentors and professionals in Silicon Valley. They have many years experience in the startup world. Everybody was eager to help and share their own knowledge and experience. I received more contacts in the intense two weeks program than I could ever normally get in a month!

Those of you in startup La-La-land, Sergeant Steve Austin will kick your ass to startup reality. Those of you that are just in love with your own solution and not the customer’ pain points will get a real wake up call, and question your startup’s real existence. But once you survived Sergeant Austin’s “Startup reality bootcamp”, you will get a confidence boost, that your idea, your startup and all the sweat equity you put in is worthwhile and realistic. Thank goodness we already had traction, but Sergeant Austin still put us thru his rigorous quality control to make sure we are of Silicon Valley standards.

Thank you, Founders Space, for the platform you have created to enable startups from all over the world, an equal opportunity to learn, experience and connect. Thus giving us an edge to excel and hopefully make the world a better place for everyone.

Henry Chang
Founder & CEO of Fufilo