Isaac Kassin, Co-Founder of Exeq Private Banking (USA)

KassimOn behalf of the entire Exeq team, I would like to thank Steve Hoffman, Steve Austin, and the entire Founders Space for some of the most incredible two weeks in our company’s history.

Beyond the intense and high-quality academic process that provided insight on business development, fundraising, and go-to-market strategy, Founders Space truly provided Exeq’s founders “founder space.” For two weeks, my partners and I escaped the everyday distractions of life and business to incubate, bond on deep levels, brainstorm new and open-minded ideas, and focus on growing the company.

Founders Space’s eclectic population also introduced us to valuable alternative experiences, while creating a profoundly collaborative environment. The startups, which ranged of a multitude of different sectors, offered informative access to a variety of ideas in finance, media, technology, and philanthropy. For us, Founders Space served as a critical stepping-stone that accelerated Exeq from a disruptive product, to a super lean and targeted business viable for scale and profitability.

Isaac J. Kassin
Co-Founder of Exeq Private Banking

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  1. From the basics of brain storming to perfecting your pitch, Founders Space provides many weapons necessary to any businessmen. Even if you have had the experience of running a company, the mentors and advisers will tear you down and rebuild you on a stronger basis. After delivering my first pitch in front of investors, I have gained so much confidence that I feel like I can more comfortably pitch again to other audiences.

    One of the most essential lessons were learning how to listen to other entrepreneurs. In addition, I was amazed by how we could be taught to control ourselves in front of a big crowd.

    Breath in and then… breath out…

    Founders Space is the perfect pond which will prepare you and your startup for the big ocean.

    Thank you Founders Space.


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