Keverne DenahanWow! If you are a startup and think you don’t need the help, think again. Founders Space is AMAZING.

For me, who has been an entrepreneur but not in tech, it was an endless fountain of education, connections and mentors. I thought I was pretty smart but man, the classes (which I attended all) and the videos hit all of the buttons that you could ever think of on how to create, launch, keep and exit a successful company. It’s up to you to attend the classes but I assure you, you will be thankful you did.

We all feel so much smarter and are already more focused and sure-footed than we were just a month ago. An incredible experience. It’s really intense but that’s why it’s awesome. And we bonded with our classmates from the mere fact of learning side by side everyday with them and being in essentially the same place at the same time professionally.

Our primary mentors, Scott Gray, Steve Austin and Nathan Schor each delivered their own personal touch to our pitch efforts. We got our clean, clear pitch deck done with Scott, Nathan took care of the finesse of our pitch, while Steve Austin gave it the punch! In addition, we got invaluable advice on the nitty gritty of a startup. They don’t call Steve Austin the “drill sergeant” for nothing!

The format of the whole program made perfect sense to us and again, the contacts we made from everyone coming in was worth its weight in gold.

Highly recommended!

Keverne Denahan
CEO of KardZee