Kevin Kang, CEO of Becos (South Korea)

kevinI really enjoyed the one-month intensive program at Founders Space (FS). Our captain at FS, Steve Hoffman, is a well-rounded and highly experienced leader to help start-ups direct themselves of what they should do. Captain Hoff always tried to support all of the batch program participants as much as he can do!

He also provides more than 70 video clips of online lectures, which are invaluable resources for all start-ups initiating their business in Silicon Valley! His video lectures shed light on many mysterious factors entrepreneurs could be facing with. To me, the lectures seem to be a START-UP 101 lessons.

The inside classes were very helpful. Two head coaches, Steve Austin and Scott Gray, taught us a great deal of information regarding growth hacking, budgeting, preparation for pitch and intro deck, and business development & strategies. During the mentoring sessions, we were able to meet VCs, angel investors and start-up experts in various fields such as marketing, PR, legal and patent services. The best thing from all the sessions is that each company was able to receive real-time feedback from the mentors and to have direct coaching services in person.

As a foreign start-up working in Silicon Valley for the first time, everything that Founder Space has given to us was very helpful in building up our business and in connecting to investors here! I will strongly recommend FS, especially for those start-ups who initiate their business in the Silicon Valley area and learn the nature of the ecosystem here in a short amount of time.

Kevin Kang
CEO of Becos Inc
US & South Korea

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