Kos150Thanks for TIEC helping Theia to Founders Space Program. TIEC is the accelerator that bridges Taiwan Startups and the US market. Thanks for Founders Space, we learned a lot from the very intense 2-week program.

Theia provides 3D display with no glasses. During the program, a lot of mentors advised us, from how to sell (explicitly on hardware and software), what should be noticed for product design, and overall market strategy, to how to set up sales and marketing team in US. Also, the program gave opportunity to build connection with some potential clients. Steve Austin gave us a lot insights on B to B sale. Steven Hoffman taught us the right attitude to be a successful startup. Austin and Hoffman both gave us a lot of one-on-one meetings to perfect our pitch. We also had a great time on the final pitch day and get a lot of responses.

We met a lot of participants and we exchanged our notes for the program, not only made us friend but also gave us chances to learn from each other. We realize the business should focus more on how you do networking instead of how you build the technology.