Kris Maganti, CEO of Kvana (San Francisco)

Kris MagantiI was trying to do a startup for 10 months before joining founders space, and I feel I joined Founders Space before planning to go full time in to my startup.

Learned a lot valuable lessons and have to say that now I know what it takes to be successful. Before Founders Space, I had a vague idea and did not know how I measured up. Also, I feel that within a short time we were able to learn and internalize the keys to success.

– Scott Gray’s Teaching
===> Good input on refining the pitch deck and overall strategy

– Steve Austin’s Teaching
==> Really insightful talks on sales and closing deals.

– Online Accelerator Program Videos & Content
==> Ideal For any startup . Really liked the content.

– Mentoring Sessions
==> Very helpful

– Founders Space Location
==> Location is ideal, but the facilities need to be upgraded.

– Program Structure
==> Like the structure, but wish there were some cash and seed money funding that are included as part of the program.

My big takeaway is that FS made us realize what we needed to do to be successful as a startup and a business. I have been recommending it to people and am thankful for being part of it. Definitely got my money’s worth.

Kris Maganti
CEO of Kvana Inc.

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