Lance Chang, Link Liu, and Henry Pi, Co-founders of Intelligenomics Biotech (Taiwan)

intelligenomics150x150It was a great opportunity when we met Captain Hoff and joined the Founders Space startup boot camp in Taipei. He invited us to join the “Accelerator + Incubator Program” at Founders Space in San Francisco, and it really worked for our startup in short period of time.

Many startups from different countries came to the headquarters of Founders Space for two weeks of intensive incubation. Founders Space provided extensive training courses every single day with different mentors and instructors, including Umesh, Jonhson, Naomi, and Robin. All of them gave valuable help to us. We also learned a lot from other great startup teams in the program, and it pushed us to make our thoughts and vision clear.

We want to give special thanks to Steve Austin, the best coach at Founders Space. Catching the eye of investors is very important for startups, but it is very difficult to show the whole value of a pioneering biotech company in 3 minutes or 30 seconds. Based on coach Austin’s practical advice, we succeeded in displaying our core value to the audience on the demo day. Furthermore, Steve not only teaches us, but also wants to help with our business strategy in the future. We appreciate Founders Space!

Lance, Link, Henry
Co-founders of Intelligenomics Biotech

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