Founders Space is not what you would expect from the average accelerator program. Instead of coddling you, telling you how great your company is, and giving you overly basic and optimistic overviews of starting a company, the FS Program breaks your business down to its very core with classes designed to test and provoke you. The program is by no means easy and forces you to face the reality that your idea and business plan are not as perfect as you think they are. But this reality check is exactly what startup founders need.

You need to learn to be critical of your business at every turn. You need to learn to look past your great invention and focus on REAL customer needs. You need to learn how to talk to and gain valuable information from customers, investors, and potential partners. You need to learn to “GET TO THE POINT”. You need Founders Space.

This program is so much more than one to two weeks of courses culminating in a pitch event. The classes are highly focused and informative. Captain Hoff, Naomi Kokubo, Steve Austin and all the other mentors truly want to see you succeed. And you will learn even more from the other startup founders. New ideas, possibilities, and partnerships will present themselves when you least expect them. I would highly recommend the program to any startup founder ready to take their business to the next level.

Thank you to all the speakers, Captain Hoff, Naomi, and especially Steve Austin!