landymoss201610smallFirst of all, I really want to thank Steve Hoffman and Naomi Kokubo. They built up a fantastic place for all the startups, which is filled with enthusiasm and passion.

I really had a great time at Founders Space. Before Founders Space, I experienced other accelerator programs as a mentor and a mentee. My three week experience at Founders Space blew my mind.

The concentrated lectures and pitch training helped me gain confidence and grow up rapidly. Korea has its own startup ecosystem, but it was totally different. This program not only trains you how to pitch but also teaches you how to think and act like a real Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

It was also impressive to have thoughtful followups, even after a big pitch day. It is ABSOLUTELY worth joining a program at Founders Space. Do not even hesitate to apply for it.

Hope to meet all you guys as an alumni of Founders Space!!

Mark Yoo
Cofounder of Landymoss, Inc.