Maya150The Founder Space program is an outstanding resource for first time founders like us. The program helps cultivate a variety of skills critical for every startup, including developing the right product-market-fit and business model as well as delivering a compelling elevator and 3 minute pitch. Although the two-weeks fly by in a daze of myriad video lectures, mentor sessions, and speakers, knowledge gained from the program will guide our business for years to come.

We really appreciated the honest and critical feedback we received from Naomi Kokubo, Steve Austin, and Captain Hoff and count ourselves lucky to have been a part of the program.

SE3D is a biotech startup that designs and develops 3D lab robotics for biology. We have a desktop bioprinting and liquid dispensing device that can print living cells, biological materials and food based materials. We are currently funded by the National Science Foundation and seeking partners who are interested in what we do. To learn more about our technology, please visit us here.