It was absolutely amazing to participate in two Founderspace programs: First in Curaçao and then in Silicon Valley itself. We really appreciate the broad scope and high quality of the sessions. All very interesting and real eye-openers.

With the enthusiastic leadership of Captain Hoff and the excellent guidance of Naomi we were able to enjoy the program and get truly inspired. And then there was our mentor and sometimes drill-sergeant Steve Austin. Incredible how much we learned from him in a short amount of time. Showing us how to mold our message and bridge the cultural differences elevated our pitch to another level.

Also a big thanks to BrainCoral Labs for introducing us to Founderspace and connecting us to so many inspiring people in Sillicon Valley.

With the valuable lessons learned at Founderspace, we are confident this is only the beginning. The Chronicles of a Caribbean tech startup in Silicon Valley continue!

Renato Ignacio
Founder Minubia