Rita Wang, CEO of Valsfer (San Francisco)

RitaSteve Hoffman is one of the most hardworking founders I have known. It is like every entrepreneur Silicon Valley area knows about him. Also, I think it is very smart to be focusing on overseas entrepreneurs and building connections with overseas capital resources. It differentiates Founders Space with a ton of incubators in SF and the South Bay very well.

I am very honored to become one of the members in Founders Space. The teachers, friends, lessons and practices have really paid off. If you have a lot of questions about how to start a startup or how to make your startup a success, I would really recommend that you look into Founders Space. Take time to learn, you will not only invest yourself but also your team and the company.

Meanwhile, I liked the location of Founders Space, very close to the Caltrain Station. So it is very convenient for my team members to travel from Silicon Valley area. Also, it is a quiet neighborhood with some food trucks and cafes nearby.

Thanks to Captain Hoff and the entire team for this valuable experience! I would really recommend Founders Space for other early stage startups.

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