Shalabh Sharma, CEO of SRACY (India)

ShalabI was extremely excited when I saw my acceptance to the FS program, this was my first program in Silicon Valley. I was really not expecting to be a part of such a great fraternity.

From the first day to the last, all the online videos were crafted beautifully, the instructors Scott Grey and Steve Austin are great and touches upon the quarks required to build a great startup and eventually solves various equations for Startups like mine which are thousands of miles away waiting for a chance.

Content, insights, keys and tools by which we can strengthen the organizational structure, as well as economics and other array of problems of startups and FS touched upon all. For revisions FS provided various tools viz. pitching, business plan to marketing plan, everything was complete which eases the Startup and make them able to focus on their product, rather than worrying about the other side of the coin.

It’s a Startup-centric program, reduces time-lag to grow, increases the bandwidth of Startup eventually enables to increase Quality of Startups and acts as a catalyst. I hope startups will join and they will surely get innovative platform to start, perform and eventually grow.

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