Umair Ahsan, CEO of Aitomation (Pakistan)

Umair AhsanFounders Space has been an amazing experience with a great deal to learn. It’s a very extensive one-month program, where day in and day out you’ve got to give your best to your own startup, aided by amazing mentors and and their guidance.

It’s an amazing place for various reasons: One of them being that it has startups from all around the world. Not only do you get feedback on what you’re doing, but you can put that against perceptions and visions of people from all across the globe, which really helps you planning how you’re going to do work on your own startup.

The mentors have been amazing. They practice your pitch with you, help you out on how to sell and what to sell. Some go easy on you, some (read: Steve Austin :p) grind you till you get the answer.

It’s a great place to learn and grow your startup, in the middle of where everything is happening. With all their help, you’ll definitely want to be here.

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