Vincent Moncenis, CEO of DigitaleBox (France)

VincentOverall Founders space enabled me to understand in 2 weeks what I can do and what I cannot do in Silicon Valley, coming from France, I would say it represents one year of curve experience on a foreign market/ecosystem. Founders Space is the place to go if you have a foreign startup who needs a solid product fit to get in the US Market.

Scott Gray:
Scott has the talent to map all your ideas on paper, and organize them for an efficient, attention-grabbing 2 minute pitch. He is the person you want to talk to about your startup and business model, he’ll highlight some great part of your company you didn’t even see.

Steve Austin:
Steve is the authentic Silicon Valley entrepreneur, with a fighting spirit you can only respect. Steve is the go to guy for your product fit, he is the best advisor you can have for an agressive go to market strategy, he will think of strategy, partnership you did not even know existed. Steve’s experience is priceless, you will surely enjoy hearing his stories from all his previous and diverse experience, and at the end of the program you will realize you just downloaded years of experience as an entrepreneur. Who said you can’t buy time? Steve’s mentoring session are a true acceleration for any startup.

Online Accelerator Program:
Captain Hoff’s video are very well made, enable you to understand a complex topic in few minutes of video, to get an equal amount of information you would have had to spend time doing research, make your own conclusion and still have to consult expert.

Mentoring Sessions:
I like that all mentors have diverse profile, you see a bit of everything in the Silicon Valley, I liked the honest talks we had, this is not a place where people tell you BS, they really confront you with what Silicon Valley really is all about. From lawyers, to VCs, to marketing experts or other entrepreneurs, mentoring sessions are a chance to connect and get to know in-depth the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Founders Space Location:
FS is right in SOMA’s startup district, that is a front row seat in Silicon Valley, clearly the direct neighbor is TechCrunch… it is walking distance to Airbnb and other hot startups.

Program Structure:
I did the 2 week program, I’m not gonna lie: it is intense, 10am to 7pm with just a lunch break, if you go to networking events, have business meeting in town, attend pitch events, like I did, that is a very busy schedule. Don’t worry, you will not get bored.

Vincent Moncenis
Paris, France

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