Founders Space is unique among all accelerator or incubator programs I’ve participated in because it creates an immersive environment for learning and forces Companies to really pay attention to their fundamentals in terms of business models and how they communicate who they are to others. It’s particularly good in how it helps us see things from the Investor and customer side, rather than from our own sometimes sheltered point of view.

Plenty of startups have great ideas and innovative products. That’s not nearly enough to succeed. Being able to recast a product as a cost-effective (no-brainer) solution for your customer’s pain point— in fact, as the solution they really need to have…that’s what Founders Space’s instructors do so well. Bringing a wealth of C-level personal experience combined with an intense dedication to the needs of their students, particularly international ones, who face their own unique cultural and communicative issues, Founders Space takes ordinary communicators with innovative products and helps them find their inner “visionary” focused on creating game-changing solutions for real world problems or offering consumers exciting new choices that improve the quality of all of our lives.

Warren Friesner, CEO
Language Hero, Inc.