Wei Chiang Hsu, Founder & CEO of SmartAll (Taiwan)

Wei Chiang HsuFounders Space is excellent accelerator for overseas startups, and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot of critical skills, including pitching, networking and marketing for the month-long program.

Their mentors are experts on business development, pitching, marketing, and fundraising etc. and you also can get advice 1-on-1. Even on some weekends, mentors guided us for final pitch. I appreciated their effort. Thanks to Nathan Schor, Steve Austin and Scott Gray and all other mentors.

Founders Space is a global village, and I met a lot of startup friends from all around the world. I felt the impact of different cultures from these friends. They helped me to have different strategies for different markets. Thanks for your feedback, suggestions and information. Best wishes to all these friends.

Most of all, I very much appreciated Steve Hoffman. He is enthusiastic and an expert for building connections within Silicon Valley and overseas startup resources. He also recommended us to some pitch events and investors opening up opportunities for fundraising.

SmartAll has already registered as a US company in San Francisco, and we’re focusing on the US smart home market. Being incubated by Founders Space, is helping us to develop this market.

Wei Chiang Hsu
Founder & CEO of SmartAll

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