Today, as part of incubator roundup, we’re featuring Dave McClure’s 500 Startups.

If you haven’t heard of it already, 500 Startups provides early-stage companies with funding ranging from $10K to $250K via seed investments.  They offer a startup accelerator program and new micro-fund models, like the Twilio Fund. With over 160 experienced startup mentors around the world, a cool creative workspace in the heart of Silicon Valley, and a vibrant community of startup founders, we think 500 Startups is a winner!

Here’s a bit about their philosophy:

  • DESIGN Great products start with a great user experience—one that makes customers happy and brings them back for more.
  • DATA Successful startups can make informed product and marketing decisions, know how much customers are willing to pay, and what it costs to acquire them.
  • DISTRIBUTION Startups need scalable, cost-effective customer acquisition.