HatchMe – Incubator focused on University Startups

HatchMe is a startup incubator with a focus on incubating university entrepreneurs’ ideas and school projects to build the next big thing to improve the world.

Their main initiative is to discover talented entrepreneurs from all colleges and universities who by themselves don’t have the time, resources or connections to bring their ideas to life. HatchMe partners with influencers, educators and financiers in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to transform ideas to startups to success.

From what we can tell, this incubator is pretty new. They don’t have a lot up on their website yet, but you can check it out at http://hatchme.com/

There’s no indication of how much money they have raise or which universities they are targeting.  My hunch is that they’re figuring this out right now.

Here’s a Blurb from the HatchMe site:

Our venture team focuses on transforming your disruptive ideas, products and technologies into fundable startup companies with scalable business models. We advise founders on business strategy and help entrepreneurs network around Silicon Valley making key introductions to investors.

We believe that without startups there would be no industry, no economy, no jobs, no growth, but without fresh ideas, disruptive products and new entrepreneurs the entire economy would stagnate.

We are not so concerned if you’re untested as a proven or serial entrepreneur. The long history of successful American capitalism has been written by unproven people, both immigrants and native born, who brought fresh ideas, bold thinking and an incredible work ethic to the marketplace and came out providing their value to our country and improved the world.

All we expect is that when you’re given a chance to prove your value, you’ll make ideas happen.

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