How to Raise Cash Without Giving up Equity

Feisal Mosleh

Feisal Mosleh

by Feisal Mosleh of New Ventures Partner at Juldee Innovation Group

Here’s a novel way to raise cash without even giving up equity.  The catch?

You must already have granted patents for your wunderkind statup or venture. if you do, read on….If you don’t, you might want to file some patents ASAP – in a a year or so they may be able to fund your company !

Get your startup or new venture inside a larger corporation going by getting a dose of juicy funding through your patents.

How does it work?

This is achieved by selling the patents (applications or pending patents won’t work so well as their value is considered a lot less) but if you are continuing in your business you agree a grant back of the license with the purchaser to enable you to retain a right to practice. This means you reserve a defensive capability so that no one can ever accuse you of infringing your patents, but it means you do give up any offensive ability to either go after or respond to others who may be violating those very same patents.

What can you do next?

Find out how much your patents are worth and develop a plan of action for your patent monetization. Contact a good IP monetization expert, like Kanzatec, who may do a free assessment of your patent portfolio.  Or, as I said before get working on writing up some patents – it’s a great investment in your company and may payoff big.

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