Each week we try to feature an innovative startup or service that founders can use.

This week it’s The Royse Law Incorporator.  This brand new service is designed to help you incorporate and structure your company in Delaware or California. For an all-inclusive fee of $1,000, they will incorporate your company and provide a one hour consultation with an attorney.


The $1,000 fee covers the following:

  • Incorporation of your Company in the states of California or Delaware (which includes name reservation, drafting and filing of Certificate/Articles of Incorporation).
  • Certificate or articles of incorporation, bylaws, organizational resolutions of the board of directors and action by incorporator.
  • Proper board formation and appointment and designation of officers.
  • Indemnification agreements for all directors.
  • Agreements assigning to the company ownership of IP created or developed by employees or consultants.
  • All costs in connection with the above (excluding expedited filing and service fees).

This is a nice way to save money and get the necessary face time with a lawyer.