Patent Process Visualized

submitted by Sood Tronson at The Soody Tronson Law Group

We found this flow chart depicting the patent process to be very enlightening.  Feast your eyes on this…

Patent Flow Chart

Patent Flow Chart

Comments & Advice:
  1. Soody says:

    The source of the chart is USPTO at
    with an accompanying text version.

    Patenting process of course, as shown, is much more complex and it takes years of training to master it. It is more than simply writing a scientific paper and the law behind is very involved.

    There are many factors one should take into account when making the decision on whether to patent, how, type, when, where, etc.

    One thing to remember is that disclosure of what is “to-be claimed” subject matter made under non-confidential conditions will bar ability to file outside of U.S. (if that is a consideration as everywhere else does not provide the 1 year grace period). In addition, early filing provides certain other assurances which are outside the scope of this posting).

    It is always advisable to consult with an expert in the specific subject matter that one is considering.

  2. You’ve got a year from the time you make an idea public till when you file a provisional patent. That give you another year before starting the expensive patent process. It can take years … in our case – idea public in 99 – patent not issued till August 06.

    Finding the resources to enforce a patent is a big problem once the patent is issued.