3 Reasons Every Startup Needs a Great Landing Page

A great landing page is important to any online business, but when it comes to startups, an outstanding landing page is an especially vital aspect to your budding success. As a fledgling new business in the cutthroat startup industry, it has become increasingly difficult to make a name for your business and to set yourself apart from the competition.

With so many new companies entering the marketplace and competing for the same small pieces of market share, every aspect of your online business must be better than your competitors. But if you’re not an online marketer or a web designer, you might not know everything you need to know about landing pages, why they’re so important to your business, and how to build them; that’s why we’re here to help.

1. A Landing Page is Your First Chance at a First Impression

Most people find out about startups through word of mouth and with a simple Google search, potential customers or followers can find your company and do some research on your business. This is where having a great landing page makes all the difference and can be the deciding factor between gaining a new fan and turning someone away. There are a lot of elements that go into designing a landing page, and you can find all kinds of advice on landing page design on the web. However, if you’re unfamiliar with building landing pages, you may opt for one of the many landing page builder tools that will help you create and manage a professional looking landing page that will leave your visitors with a great first impression of your company. One great option is The Offer Machine which provides a drag and drop, template based landing page builder that enables you to build a customized, and professional looking landing page quickly and easily, without any of the messy backend programming or design work nvolved.

2. Collect Visitor Data for Market Research

One of the most important parts of establishing a new business is to understand the interests, preferences, and behaviors of your fan or customer base and to be able to provide them with products or services that are relevant to them. One of the best ways to go about collecting initial customer data is with a landing page form. By placing a submit form on your landing page, you can easily request information from your visitors such as email, age, sex, location, and more to get a better understanding of the types of people that are interested in your business. Again, if you are unfamiliar with building a page or a form like this, feel free to use a form building tool to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your visitors.

3. Show People How Your Product or Service Works

A landing page is the perfect opportunity to show visitors what your company does and how it can help people. With great images, informative (but not overwhelming text), and compelling video content, you give tell your visitors what your company is all about in one great looking page. Just make sure that your page is appealing and easy to use, and it should be a great first step at growing your business.

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