5 Tips for Creating an Explainer Video

Lyne Noella

Lyne Noella

by Lyne Noella, WavePlay

An explainer video can act as your virtual salesperson, explaining your value proposition, 24 hours a day in any location. Explainer videos share, in clear words and pictures, just what it is you are offering to the marketplace.

Explainer videos are especially helpful if you are a startup with a novel concept, or if what you are selling is at the prototype stage, or if you are selling in wide geographic domestic or international markets, or if you are a service firm “selling the invisible.” Here are five tips for creating an effective explainer video:

Keep it short. Produce a video that is three minutes or less. If you have a lot to share, create multiple videos.

Dedicate the video to your target audience. You know who your ideal customers are–respect their time and customize your message to meet their needs. If you are not sure what’s important to your customers–ask.

Develop key messages. If you were asked to share three ideas with the viewer, what would those ideas be? Share the key messages and look for every possible way to demonstrate the ideas visually.

Speak in plain language. Everyone who views your video, from a grade-schooler to a tech guru, should be able to grasp your concept. Omit all technical and industry jargon–share the script with others to ensure your message is clear.

Pay attention to visuals. Select speakers, scenarios and locations that will keep the viewer engaged. Demonstrate what you are offering, if possible, in various scenarios. Help the viewer to “live” the product or service by seeing it in action.

Remember, a great explainer video is nothing without viewers. Promote your video via multiple channels, repeatedly. Consider every possible venue (YouTube, Vimeo, websites, social media, electronic newsletters, events, auto signatures, etc.) to enjoy the full benefits of your explainer video.

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