By Martyn Crew


Good SEO Bootstrap Marketing


We’re sorry to say that SEO isn’t something you can do once and forget about it. The good news is that good SEO doesn’t require high-level, technical work.


Want to have first-page Google search results? Take these simple (but not necessarily easy) steps:

1)   Write Good Content, Regularly. Your blog is the SEO-driver over which you have total control. Write often (once a week is great), and write quality content that your customers need.

2)   Use Keywords. In order to maximize your SEO, think carefully about the wording of your blog titles and lead sentences. Try using words or phrases that someone looking for your product or service might use.

3)   Get Press. Links to your site, especially links from reputable high-traffic sites, will give you a major SEO boost. Work hard to get covered in popular blogs or news sites.

4)   Go Social. Any blog post you write and any press coverage you get should make the rounds on all of your social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

5)   Get Some Help. Have a WordPress site? You’re in luck. Yoast is a fantastic plugin that will help you get the most out of your content.


The best thing about Google’s algorithm is that it is really trying to give searchers the best results possible. Think of rising in the search results as a personal challenge that time and perserverance really can conquer.


NOTE:  Martyn Crew is the CEO and founder of Bootstrap Marketing, a San Carlos-based digital marketing agency. Bootstrap works with industry leaders like SAP, high-growth companies like Pentaho and startups like Yeti Data to help them position their solutions with content and campaigns that help them get to market fast and stay ahead of their competition.