Every startup needs to master guerrilla marketing. Here are some tips:

– Trying two or three marketing channels is not enough. Great marketers try dozens of channels looking for the best ones.

– Test each channel with small amounts of money. Gather data and compare the results to other channels.

– Channels may work for a while, but often they max out or dry up. As soon as this happens, start looking for alternatives.

– You can never create demand. Demand must be there. Your job is to discover where it’s hiding and capture it.

– Marketing is all about knowing your customer. If you don’t know your customer inside and out, you’re trying to shoot ducks blindfolded.

– Create a brand people will remember. A great brand will amplify every dollars spent.

– Give your customers a reason to market for you. They are your best channel. Motivate them, and they will do more than you ever could on your own.

– Never say you don’t have the budget. There’s always another way to reach the customer.