LaunchRock – Landing Pages Made Easy & Viral

LaunchRock helps you instantly build a prelaunch landing page and adds all the hooks so that it can go viral.

Here’s some adivce they give on their site:

Five lessons for a friend-fueled viral launch page:

1. Ask for help: Your friends care about you and want to help you succeed.
2. Lines, Not Dots: Share a story line with friends not just a snapshot.
3. Snipers, Not Shotguns: Target small circles of friends with catered emails.
4. Keep it fresh: Continually show your friends how your business works.
5. Don’t be annoying: Be comfortable asking for help, but don’t over do it.

Use your landing page to user test a problem area:

1. Conducted a series of user interviews to identify 16 important sub-problems inherent in that single high priority problem.
2. Built a user test using a Grails platform with CouchDB as the backend that will test each sub-problem against all others to create a ranking of highest to lowest priority.
3. Used cookies to allow us to A/B test and feature-switch based on a user’s vote by giving each voter a unique identifier.

Make sure you are solving a real problem:

1. Maximize first contact by seamlessly integrating social sharing to with signups
2. Helping us discover and follow up with earlyvangelists
3. Find product testers for customer feedback.

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