Bilal Ahmed, Founder of @mytweetmark & @homecookme

Bilal Ahmed

Bilal Ahmed


Bilal Ahmed started his career at Novell in 1996 right at the beginning of the internet bubble, developing Novell’s web server.  He then moved to Formtek, a Lockheed Martin company which developed document management and work-flow solutions. 

Bilal lead middle-ware development for Formtek’s backend systems.  Bilal moved to Actuate, helping customer build enterprise reporting solutions.  In 2005, Bilal started at hi5 as a very early engineer at the beginning of social networks bubble and built user facing features like photos, music, videos, mobile, friend multimedia cache system, viral and lead teams. 

He then moved on to work for developing features while focusing on key viral, retention and engagement metrics. He is now the founder of two websites, and

@mytweetmark: Business startup. Create, target and measure marketing campaigns on twitter. Gain followers and contacts.
@homecookme: Food startup. Promote your local food & farmers market business on facebook and twitter.

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