Chelsea Ramm joined Founders Space as a mentor. She is the Director of Sum Savvy Consulting and has 8 years of experience in Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics. She has primarily worked in the automotive industry managing a global supply chain that focused on high quality, longevity, innovation and cost.

During her time at Tesla, she was instrumental in the Model S and Model X launch, and played a vital role in providing low cost opportunities for achieving the Model 3 cost target. She assisted with the providing cost guidance to engineering, resourced low performing suppliers and helped with program management to keep up with the rapid design iterations. At Lucid Motors she helped define the company processes and systems cost, was invaluable in establishing the supply chain strategy and developing relationships with key suppliers, and worked closely with the design and engineering team to achieve the aesthetic and performance desired for the budget provided. Being so deeply involved in hardware design and component sourcing, she has developed an intuitive and collaborative approach to finding unique and creative solutions to reduce cost while improving performance and functionality of the product.

She brings knowledge and experience in a wide range of products and commodities including plastics, castings, stampings, mechanisms, lighting, control modules, soft goods, decorative parts, etc. She has an intimate understanding of hardware design cycles, developing timelines, how to leverage your supply base, supply chain and logistics strategies to reduce cost, and negotiating supply contracts. She is also experienced in finding high quality and high performance suppliers & CMs and has an established network of manufacturers in the US and Asia.