CherylAnn Falconer, Organizational HR Superhero

CherylAnnCherylAnn Falconer is a Founders Space Mentor, BSc in Computer Science and Grad. Dip Organizational HR.

CherylAnn is a master at helping you achieve your goals, especially the stretch goals. She’s succeeded in the military, the male dominated corporate world, corporate sales, technology consulting and 3 start-ups. Most importantly, she’s retained her sense of humor, her ethics and her passion for helping others.

In just the last few years she has mentored 851 engineers in the art and science of getting things done, being decisive, managing risk and creating high performing teams. She also taught them how to have fun too.

She’s been CEO of a technology consulting firm and steered DeZolve, her third start-up, from just a wacky idea to a game changing technology platform.

She recently completed a sabbatical involving an 80-day road trip, filing a patent, sailing and finishing her own Amazing Race with her husband and partner in crime. She now lives and works from her sailing yacht in San Francisco Bay.

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