Dan Valdez, Partner, Enterprise Builders

Dan Valdez

Dan Valdez


Dan Valdez is currently a Partner with Enterprise Builders, LLC, a Venture Management company whose mission is to increase the value of underperforming organizations by creating a strategic growth pathway for clients. 

Enterprise Builders Inc. has assembled a highly skilled team of management executives, partner builders, and affiliate partners who work at the top levels of management and look at the enterprise in its entirety to identify weak links or underdeveloped assets to “close the gaps.” 

We deploy our experience to develop solutions and to execute winning strategies, thereby increasing the business’ valuation.

  • The mission of this Houston project is to create jobs and sound, prosperous companies.
  • Mr. Valdez is a Professional Business Mentor and Founder of MyBizDoc.com, a collaboration of professional advisors who teach and implement the principles of entrepreneurship to Business owners all over the world.
  • Founding Stakeholder of the University of Houston Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) which is today the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship and voted the number one undergraduate entrepreneurship college in the United States.
  • Founder & Chairman of the Student Retreat Program at the University of Houston.
  • Honored as the University of Houston Mentor of the Year for 1997.
  • Served CEI as an adjunct professor for CEI, teaching several undergraduate courses in Entrepreneurship which he helped to build.
  • Certified as a Professional, Ontological Business Coach and Advisor by Ideal Coaching of Minneapolis Minnesota.
  • Founder of The Owners Alliance, an organization built for business leaders who collaborate with one another to focus on solid growth, strategic direction, and effective leadership.
  • Experienced business owner, mentor, teacher and innovative entrepreneur who is focused on and committed to the success and growth of his clients, their businesses and the business community of Houston.

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