Ella Zalkind, Legal Officer & VP of Action Business Solutions

Ella Zalkind

Ella Zalkind


Ella Zalkind is the Legal Officer & VP of Action Business Solutions.  She graduated from Cornell University in 1996 and from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in 1999.  She has been practicing corporate and business law in New York since 1999 in a large Wall Street firm and then at a smaller boutique corporate law firm. 

She has extensive experience representing businesses, including start-ups, entrepreneurial ventures as well as established businesses in a variety of corporate and business law matters.  She also has represented borrowers and lenders in a variety of financial transactions.  She is a principal at Action Business Solutions, Inc. that provides businesses with funds, accounts receivable management and consulting to help them run smoothly and address cash flow needs.

Action Business Solutions purchases invoices for goods or services sold on credit and provides a significant portion of the cash up front.  The business is able to use the cash to help run the business while Action Business Solutions waits for the customer to pay the invoice.  When the invoice is paid, Action Business Solutions remits the balance of the invoice amount to the business less a nominal discount. This is a very valuable and effective form of funding, particularly for businesses that do not have strong credit or long operating history, i.e. start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, etc.

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