Hulya KocHulya Koc is a globally accredited investor, serial entrepreneur and mentor to American and international entrepreneurs with 40 years of experience.

She began her career as a banker and worked for international banks such as Wells Fargo Bank and continued on to become an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, California. In addition to founding and successfully exiting three companies, Hulya founded two nonprofit organizations. Her most recent exit, an employment agency catering to the childcare vertical, grew to become an industry leader with over 30 offices across the US and was sold to a consortium of US-based private equity firms.

Hulya co-founded the Istanbul Chapter of Keiretsu Forum and also formed its woman investors group, “KAYAK,” a first of its kind in Turkey, after joining Keiretsu Forum’s Bay Area chapter over 10 years ago. A seasoned angel investor, her portfolio consists of numerous global start-ups across a variety of industries.

Hulya has been recognized for her outstanding leadership and mentorship of entrepreneurs by the US Small Business Administration, and actively advises start-ups and small businesses in the fields of high tech, retail and business services. She also routinely presents seminars on angel investing, financing of new businesses and art of networking for several organizations.

Dedicated to improving the lives of entrepreneurs and children in underprivileged neighborhoods, Hulya volunteers extensively for several foundations. She is also an ardent believer in continuing education, and takes classes at Stanford University on improving investment outcomes, financing of small businesses and entrepreneurship. Hulya holds a graduate degree in business administration and education.