Jan-Philipp is an alumnus of Founders Space and the Founder & CEO of Hashplay Inc. an Advanced Reality company to build the ultimate Visual Data Intelligence Platform, Immersive Data.

ImmersiveData® enables organizations to qualify, unify and visualize both, real-time and legacy data, merge geospatial, CAD, and technical models, along with workflows and operational data to give managers the ability to make better and more informed decisions.

Immersive Data uses state of the art artificial intelligence to optimize data ingest, the visualization and the interaction. Basically, it simplifies the way you deal with your operational excellence data.

Hashplay serves clients needs in Oil & Gas, IoT, smart factory and smart city. Among Hashplays clients are the City of Berlin and Airbus.

Jan-Philipp previously co-founded a big data – consumer taste profile solution – enabling retailers to offer the wine to its customers, which matches their profile as well as their available inventory. In order to optimize both the detection and matching of chemical characteristics as well as external factors like time of day, movement patterns as well as weather. The platform was using machine learning to greatly advance and accelerate matching. Before, Jan-Philipp successfully advised Family Offices on their high-tech & media M&A. He holds a degree from the University of Kent in Business. In his spare time, he is involved in multiple philanthropic organizations.