Jeff Goldsmith, CEO of Distill

Jeff Goldsmith

Jeff Goldsmith

Marketing (Advisor)

Jeff Goldsmith is the CEO of Distill. He executes marketing campaigns with creative skills gained from several related successful careers.

His advertising and branding clients include Blue Shield, Hilton, Hitachi, Dish Network, Nutri/System, Etrade, Quicken, Visa, GE, PwC, Sun Microsystems, Wells Fargo,, Starbucks, Sprint, E-Loan, PayPal.

He has achieved national press with strategic PR for three privately funded projects – a book named Cafe Haiku, an online jewelry retailer named Object Fetish, and a tour guide portal named Viamigo.  He has also written for Wired, Details, Conde Nast Traveler, Heavy Metal Magazine, among others. Here is a link to the 1993 classic Wired piece, This Is Your Brain On Tetris.

Jeff speaks several languages, is a good cook, and has shot photos for various media venues.

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