Leisl Schrader, CEO of Remix Design

Leisl Schrader portraitLeisl Schrader is a creative entrepreneur with a passion for Agile, branding, design, and the Web. She is a constant innovator, an enthusiastic public speaker, and a respected leader. As the CEO of Remix Design, Leisl and her team help entrepreneurs launch their brands quickly and cost-effectively. Before going into business, she worked as a Senior UI Engineer and has extensive experience as a graphic designer, front-end UI Web developer, and art director. Leisl earned her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts in 2007.

Remix Design is an Agile Design agency specializing in branding for startups. Our unique process gets new companies off the ground and into the market faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively than any other agency. We can launch your brand in as little as two weeks. With Remix Design, you can be sure your startup makes a great first impression in the market.

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