Madelyn QuinolMadelyn Quinol is Co-Founder and CEO of Presto Innovation, LLC, a consulting services company based in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area.

Before deciding to found Presto Innovation, Madelyn worked at NASA Ames Research Center for 6 years, where she collaborated with, trained, and guided teams not only for the research center but also at Johnson Space Center (JSC) and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Madelyn helped project teams in all phases of their production lifecycles–customer engagement, cost estimation, concept development, requirements definition and analysis, interaction design, interface design, usability engineering, systems engineering, project management, verification and validation, and quality assurance–while customizing and applying User Experience and Agile methodologies suited for those teams.

From Systems Analyst to User Experience Generalist to Software Process Manager, Madelyn has over 20 years of experience in large and small companies, in both private and government sectors, analyzing, streamlining, and designing workflows and enhancing customer experiences for products and processes–whether for internal team members or external end users.

In mid-2015, Madelyn co-founded Presto Innovation, LLC, with the goal of combining methodologies in User Experience, Product Development, and Agile to create custom solutions that would allow organizations to rapidly move their ideas forward from pre-concept through final production–transforming their “cool ideas” into real products and services.

Presto Innovation excels in providing hybridized consulting services, while continuing to help NASA and other agencies, as well as commercial companies in both public and private sectors, succeed with their mission-critical and revenue-generating endeavors.