ManojManoj is a Big Data enthusiast and expert, who is currently the CEO and founder of Context360.

Manoj received his MS in Material Sciences and Engineering from Stanford University after graduating from one of India’s premier institutes in technology, National Institute of Technology, Warangal. He started his 1st company, at the age of 22, raised preliminary funding, and successfully sold it’s rights to an online shopping experience retail company.

His work profile consists of extensive research at IBM’s Almaden Research Institute, a senior engineering position at Invensense, and research scientist positions at medical device startups Intrapace & Biomimedica.

Context360 is a venture backed sensor big data mobile analytics company serving clients in mobile games, music, real estate etc. around the world, starting from startups to large international corporations. Manoj has led the development of a proprietary method to algorithmize sensor data into analytics, for developers to better understand their customer profiles.

Hailing from a small town in southern India, Manoj has a story that is honest and passionate and proves how a focused dream and ambition can help anyone overcome obstacles and staying driven while working his way up from the bottom.

Manoj is also a bodybuilding, nutrition and health enthusiast, having extensive knowledge of food nutrition and has channeled it by advising a food startup, currently in stealth mode.

At Founders Space, Manoj wishes to help big data startups to understand potential pitfalls, and industry standards, and also give them a direction regarding the current trends.