Marco ten Vaanholt of Bootup Ventures

Marco ten Vaanholt is a managing partner of Bootup Ventures.

Bootup Ventures helps growth stage companies from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia penetrate the US Market. Their high-value Bootup network consists of experts and advisers who provide startups with the knowledge and the connections that are essential for success.

Their full range of core services includes Office Space, Legal, IT, Accounting, Taxes, HR as well as Go-to-Market Strategy, Business Development, Marketing, and Product Translation.

Prior to Bootup, Marco was Global Vice President, SAP Premier Customer Network. Worldwide responsibility for the top executive loyalty program for SAP’s most strategic, innovative and complex accounts (95% of Fortune 500 companies). Accountable for strategy and delivery of a next generation social platform for the exclusive customer business community to allow SAP’s Top 500+ Accounts to connect, interact and co-innovate.

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