Michael KuoMichael Kuo is the cofounder and CEO of NCTU Angel Club, founder of Prosperity Group, and Managing Partner of Always Positive Capital Management.

In addition, Michael was with AsiaTech Ventures and UMC in Taiwan. He is also the CEO of Hukui Biotechnology Corporation.

Michael has extensive interdisciplinary and practical experiences, expertise in incubation, top management recruiting, deal sourcing, due diligences, financial analysis, cost accounting, company evaluating, syndicated funding, strategic alliance, M&A negotiation and IPO tactic planning.

Michael has significant international experience in corporate strategic planning, technology transfer, business development, and global operations. Moreover, Michael demonstrated ability to manage people and teams in both new startup and MNC environments. Michael has well-established personal networks through different career environments, angel groups, Rotary International, and global alumni organizations of Chicago Booth School of Business.