Nathan Schor

Nathan Schor began his IT career as a database programmer, but evolved into sales where he accumulated over three decades of experience, including deploying CRM applications in hundreds of businesses across a wide range of sizes and sectors.

During that time he noticed an increasing number of discoveries in neural based sciences having a direct bearing on influencing people. With multiple disciplines pointing simultaneously toward the singular human brain, more has been discovered about the human brain in the last decade than in all previous history. The outcome is a radically new, intriguingly counter-intuitive model of how neural processes motivate our behavior, both as individuals and in groups.

In particular recent advances in cognitive science, evolutionary psychology and behavioral economics coalesced to transform persuasion into much more of a science than the art it’s been for centuries, making it a skill anyone can learn.

In tracking those insights for improving his own techniques, Nathan realized many of the discoveries are also directly applicable to scenarios founders typically encounter. So he composed a class summarizing his findings – The Arising Science Behind Communicating Persuasively .

Presenting the science behind persuasion tuned out an effective approach, especially with those with a STEM degree. Typically, not exposed to the best practices of communicating persuasively, science majors are at a distinct disadvantage if the other side is versed in what works.

Nathan is also focused on another emerging trend – Customer Initiated Commerce  (also known as VRM, Vendor Relationship Management) – which advocates for a customer-centric intention economy.

This transformative marketing initiative reverses the direction sales transactions typically take. Empowering customers to start a transaction by ‘intentcasting’ their purchasing plans avoids the intrusiveness and abuse of consumers’ personal data which occurs when sellers broadcast messages to the very many in the slim hope of catching the very few.

He holds sessions at well-regarded industry events like Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) addressing the marketing and sales challenges privacy, identity, and customer-empowerment startups face as they enter the commercial mainstream.

In addition, to introduce those founders to funding sources, he organized the first ever investor event focused exclusively on customer-centric business models.

Nathan graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston College with majors in Philosophy and Psychology.

Contact Nathan at 305.632.1368 or [email protected]