Steven Diebold, Business/Brand Strategist & UX Designer

Steven Diebold

Steven Diebold

Mentor & Advisor

Steven Diebold is a creative/analytical/strategic hands-on business+brand & user experience consultant that helps companies create high performance business engines, quickly identify opportunities, develop successful products, new markets, increase customer value and create experiences that engage users & bring a brands story to life with extensive experience that has helped such well-known companies as Apple, NBC, TV Guide, 20th Century Fox, MGM, Sony Pictures includes:

  • Five years as a brand/business strategist/art director/User experience consultant for entrepreneurial and mid sized companies across various industries
  • Five years as a founding principal/team leader of IT consultancy spearheading major initiatives in high-tech
  • Five years additional experience includes writing, directing, producing, editing commercials/videos, story analysis & development and editing experience for broadcast and corporate. He has worked on commercials for Fed Ex, Dr. Pepper, Western Dental, Century 21, and Home Depot. He has also worked on creative projects ranging from visual presentations,animation to 3D logos.
  • Five years as Certified Coach with strong interpersonal skills & experience working with diverse groups of people and cultures.


  • Crystallizing Brand: Articulate an organization’s purpose and how it creates value in uniquely compelling messages that differentiate competitively. Execute initiatives relentlessly. Organize and execute projects.
  • Understanding Markets: Develop a deep and intuitive understanding of markets and customers and how buying decisions are made. Leverage the insight into targeted messages and initiatives for results.
  • Developing Strategies: Exploit strategies to leverage market positioning and develop initiatives to capture market share. Execute across different opportunities to increase footprint. Collaborate to leverage outcomes.
  • Exploiting Technology: Utilize the Internet & user experience design & emerging technologies to deliver messaging & engaging experiences. Form alliances to shape product, company, and identity so that a broad brand presence is created. Integrating new technology into business initiatives
  • Creative Ideation: Bootstrap resources, ideas and creative research to create digital products or a big-company presence on a shoestring budget. Synthesize disparate ideas together to create new breakthroughs.Before turning to branding full-time, Steven worked as an IT consultant, and also in film and TV.

Steven provides marketing, brand & user experience consulting that help organizations quickly identify opportunities, develop successful products, new markets, and increase customer value. He focuses on:

  • Internet & Software
  • High Tech
  • Entertainment

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