Steven Echtman is Executive Producer at Founders Space and founder of

Echtman has been working with the Founders Space team to advise client startups and facilitate networking and investor relation events. As a serial entrepreneur who’s successfully led fundraising efforts for a number of companies, he has significant experience and knowledge about the mindset of investors. He’s able to advise startups on what they need to show and tell investors, in order to assess if there’s a stage and sector fit. He coordinates startup pitch competitions and is able to introduce companies to active and interested investors.

As the founder of, Echtman builds and supports the AI community (including developers, investors, integrators, businesses, and other professionals ) via events, consulting, and advisory services. He helps organizations explore how AI can be leveraged for practical solutions and increased efficiency, both today and into the future. Members gain insights that help craft their AI strategy, discover new business opportunities, and see how the latest developments in AI can help everyone become more effective, creative, and competitive.

Echtman has extensive experience in enterprise and consumer spaces, as a “producer” in many realms, including media and marketing, internet enabled application (incl. cloud, mobile, geospatial, IoT, & social). He excels at team leadership; project, program, and product management; customer development; business development; sales acceleration; and operations.

Echtman is adept at developing and implementing processes; and presenting concepts, plans and roadmaps – from high-level to extremely detailed. In a nutshell, he distills complex ideas and possibilities into clearly conveyable actionable plans, helping people and teams achieve their visions.