Umesh Ghodke, Business Strategy & Product Innovation

Umesh Umesh was introduced to Founders Space and has, ever since, enjoyed mentoring startups from an early stage. With experiences in a wide range of industries, he helps provide unique market perspectives as well as technology insights. He enjoys working with people.

With a masters in Robotics and Automation, and a long career in Research & Development, he started looking for opportunities to help and grow small companies. Since then, he has helped several startups in the Bay Area quickly grow into large organizations, breaking down barriers and identifying new business opportunities. He enjoys pushing the envelope in unique ways.

He has worked at consulting firms (Keane Inc), fortune 500 corporations (GE, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Pacific Bell) and overseas companies like Namco Games, SRA America, Toyota Research and Pioneer Electronics. He helped create strategic positions for Pioneer in the Connected Vehicles markets and has helped the company understand opportunities and complexities of IoT and Connected Lifestyles. He led the USDOT initiative for Smart Transportation and Smart Cities and was a lead member of the Connected Car Consortium.

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