Yingying Li, Global Executive Trainer

YingyingLi150Yingying Li joined Founders Space as a mentor. Over the past 10 years, she has designed and facilitated programs for global executives and managers to help them build essential skills in areas such as cross-cultural communication, leadership, personal influence building, diversity and inclusion, and international relationship management. She has conducted business in over three continents, including the creation of a cross-cultural and next-gen consultancy in the U.S., training through a global leadership conglomerate in India and Turkey, and leading various successful business development initiatives in Latin America and China, among other international endeavors.

Yingying’s collective experiences have left her with a unique understanding of the challenges that professionals often face while working within multicultural communities and building relationships across international borders. Whether facilitating large groups or conducting private coaching sessions, working as a global reporter at a renowned Chinese media group, Yingying utilizes the same insightful, lively, and thorough approach that underscores her mission and passion for improving cultural awareness and understanding, bringing empathy and opportunities to people in need around the world. Fluent in Mandarin and English, proficient in Brazilian Portuguese and a bit of Turkish, Yingying’s language skills enable her to establish strong and sustained connections with many of her clients. She also shares her expertise with others through lectures and speaking engagements at universities, startup communities, investor groups and other institutions around the globe.

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