Startups use Aingel to fundraise faster and find the right investors

About Aingel:
• Founded in 2015
• AI-powered platform
• Startup-investor matchmaking
• Patent-pending algorithm developed at NYU

What they offer:
• Exhaustive analysis of VC portfolios
• Startup-investor matching report
• Interactive dashboard for selecting VCs
• Introductions to VCs in their network

Aingel uses AI to find top-matching investors for brand new startups. Catalyzing the fundraising process, a team of data scientists are using a patent-pending algorithm they developed at NYU to analyze and score both startups and VCs. They scan the entire venture capital community and their portfolio companies to generate a list of investors who are most likely to add value and be interested in a startup’s space and stage.

Data shows that VCs are investing in fewer startups year on year, which is making fundraising more brutal for founders. Aingel provides founders with much needed data and structure in their fundraising process. They help speed up the initial research into potential investors, so founders can make the most out of their time, close their funding rounds faster, and spend more time on product or sales development.

To find which investors would be most interested in your startup, visit and create your free VC report!