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Just plain smart marketing.-1Bootstrap Marketing is our partner and has a special startup package they can offer you.  Contact Martyn Crew, the CEO, at [email protected] and be sure to mention the Founders Space Special.

Over the years, Bootstrap’s team has worked or consulted for over fifty startup companies. They understand exactly what startups need.

Based in San Carlos in the Silicon Valley, Bootstrap serves the enterprise, high-growth and startup markets, as well as companies from Europe and Asia Pacific who are taking their first steps in the US. Their team is made up of experienced software marketing professionals with deep backgrounds in marketing, content development, sales enablement, research, graphic and website design.

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  1. Jennie

    To give a short background, we are non-profit startup center established in collaboration with the government of Korea, Ministry of ICT.

    Therefore we get applications from up to 100 startups that are our members in a year.

    We provide in-house as well as external consulting services to these startups and I am reponsible for the Marketing area.

    During 2H, we have around 40 companies and some of these companies will need marketing services and based on their needs I will match them with the best / appropriate marketing agencies. Since its government funded, the budgets are not that high so one of the key criteria is competitve rates.

    The only common denominator behind these startups are that they are ICT based technology companies but all have different products, target markets, business model, etc. Once we do a match and you both agree to work together, you will have more indepth information about the company such as background of their product, target market, audience and services needed.

    I would like to understand what services you provide and an estimate price list if possible. And definitely free to discuss more in depth with you this week.

    In addition, I plan to make a trip to US in last week of July so that would be great time to meet in person as well.

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